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MIMEO / Wigry [2011]

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  1. pixelterror June 13, 2011

    dont know who this is. but that cover is awesome.

  2. -- June 13, 2011

    this site is awesome if for nothing else than to show us the different cover art at such amazing speed, I said it before! I wish I could hear every single album u guys put up, but I never fail to look at the pictures haha!

  3. r June 14, 2011

    Phil Durrant – synthesizer / sampler
    Christian Fennesz – computer
    Cor Fuhler – piano
    Thomas Lehn – syntezator analogowy
    Kaffe Matthews – computer
    Gert-Jan Prins – electronics
    Peter Rehberg – computer
    Keith Rowe – prepared guitar
    Marcus Schmickler – computer
    Rafael Toral – computer

    • REVIEWS June 14, 2011

      Thank you!! Now thats what I’m talkn about, thats a helpfull post! Fennez? …excelent.

    • Patrick June 15, 2011

      Wow, holy F. This went from “might check out” to “downloading right now”.

  4. Mack June 15, 2011

    Wow, Fennesz and Toral, it´s a must.

  5. fff June 23, 2011

    it’s a recording of the concert in wigry, poland. been there, was was awesome!

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