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Stripper Pussy / Wetter Than Ever EP [2011]

Download [MF]



  1. jwill June 4, 2011

    Meh, the music’s not as juicy as I woulda expected.
    That cover would make a kick ass black light poster though!

    • -- June 5, 2011

      stripper’s pussy not as juicy
      ur choice of words doesn’t escape me, sir!

  2. Roger June 5, 2011

    Can’t resist the downloading this fluid

  3. house June 6, 2011

    the url provided does not work for me, if this is a universal error, can it be uploaded elsewhere?

    thanks, i hope.

  4. David June 6, 2011

    This is probably the best band name, album name, and album art of 2011 all at once. I have to download this of course, though I have this suspicion that the music won’t be as good as I’m hoping.

    • invaderXgir June 8, 2011

      david, get better muisic taste ok because this band is really good, sorry you domnt know what good beats are. ANYWAY……they were better before they started getting populer……… alsoo they are NOT ep (electronic pulse), no one knows how to label music anymorm woow

  5. Jim June 6, 2011

    here you go

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