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Swedish House Mafia / Save The World [2011]

Download [FS]


  1. nigger June 4, 2011

    hey! they’re using nodata’s logo!

    • Kashmir June 5, 2011

      ROFLMAO, so nodata is the swedish house mafia trying to save the world?!? =)

  2. torolor June 5, 2011

    total bullshit mainstream house only braindead dickbutta listen to shm

    save the world < leave the world behind

    • legg June 5, 2011

      Yeah, save nodata and ban this bs

  3. Welt June 5, 2011

    These pricks don’t make House music, House is Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard, Theo Parrish, MoodyMan, Kyle Hall etc etc. Not this sorry excuse for a friday fuckin’ night in Liquid or Weatherspoons. Cunts!

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