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Allpa Puruma / Abya Yala [2023]

[Label: Fixed Rhythms | Cat#: FRS023]
  1. Abya Yala (05:13)
  2. Yunkayku (05:50)
  3. Cocholate (05:31)
  4. Siete Cuerpos Celestes (04:55)


  1. F.YES December 7, 2023


  2. Tiesto December 8, 2023

    Techno done right ☕️

    • OMG COFFEE MUG… I LOVE COFFEE… December 9, 2023

      Drone and Techno vs The coronanormality …. in this matchup, I would not want to be the coronanormality…

      • N December 9, 2023

        I won against coronanrmality 5 min ago.

  3. Can this December 8, 2023

    Can minimal house replace techno

    • Gg December 9, 2023

      Only YesData’s music exists and there’s no other music for me

      • Yesdata … Can Yesdata Evolving Into Stand Alone Flame… Im trying to burn without baby… But The purpose of that is unclear… December 9, 2023

        Crying happiness from this compliment, Postponed Dj ashiatsu Dj debut though

      • Crying.. No fiber diet… Creative Confliction…How can I mix my way out of this… December 9, 2023

        ThNk u

  4. Nodata Is like Digital Yoga Class for Hot ppl December 9, 2023

    Press play
    , All of sudden… Very nice sound

  5. N December 10, 2023

    I have just listened to YESDATA’s Mix again and it brought me so high to far stars that I can’t describe how magic is the Yesdata’s Music for me! Hope your evening is good!
    Lots of kisses to Yesdata!

    • Y****** Ashiatshu Latte December 10, 2023

      WOW!!! THANKU

  6. zubat December 10, 2023

    all you chucklefucks schizoposting and calling nodata yesdata cam stop any time

    • CRABBY ZUBUT December 10, 2023


    • Yesdata Therapist December 10, 2023

      I am sorry you feel this way Zubat. It reminds me of attachment trauma. Have you considered a hot union?

      • Actually Im really sorry for my schizoposting. There was determinism though. I Was determined by the crickets. No one says the crickets are schizopostsing December 10, 2023

        When the crickets send out a message, it braces the ears of all those born on the same evolutionary path. Of course, when a cricket chirps for love, it can attracted a very cool or crabby bat to swoop down from above and eat it out of its home, it’s poetic how that happened here. Now I will say I am sorry. I am sorry

    • Hello Baby.. U are heard... but... MAJOR Corononormality ALert ,,, DONT LET IT SPREAD... December 10, 2023


  7. Zebras are Terrible Horses December 10, 2023

    I just cant believe this comments section in having its revivel, its brilliant and kinda annoying at the same time.

    • zubat December 10, 2023

      i feel, i hate but also like it

      • Blow Up Yesdata December 10, 2023

        Be careful saying u hate Yesdata, You could be a feeding there deepest desires, they think they’r e a cricket, you can’t underestimate what kinky shit comes along with that

      • Im sorry actually December 11, 2023

        Im sorry

    • Yesdata IS Perfect Horse December 11, 2023

      I couldnt control myself, it was a definitey determinism. But now I am super sorry honesty Because I see how it is a little strange…

  8. Comment From evil doctor December 11, 2023

    Im very sorry As well. We are develop storm of sorry

  9. N December 11, 2023

    Good morning, my LOve!
    I’m kissing your hands in our astral projection.
    Have a good day!

    • FRee facial Coupon!!!!! December 12, 2023


      • I love Fr December 12, 2023

        Would you like to choose a film for this Saturday?

        • Fastforward 1000 years and it turns out FRdata is Immortal Massage Oil artisan December 13, 2023

          Party monster !!!!

          • Gpoint December 13, 2023

            Thank You!

  10. Good morning, my dear F December 13, 2023

    I wish You a good beginning of the day!

  11. 5lovez17 December 14, 2023

    I forgot to say thank You for sharing your life experience with me and opening your personality to me. I appreciate it. I had been waiting for these times for so long. Thank You, my Eagle!

    • Good Day To ESCAPE Evil doctor December 14, 2023

      Thank U 3333x More

  12. francescogenova December 15, 2023

    io non capisco niente di tutto quello che scrivete

    • st. Pistachio December 15, 2023

      Im sorry Bro, its cause im like an onion

      • G December 15, 2023

        Hm, I see no balls in my pants.

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