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Full Circle / Back To Disco Valley [2022]

[Label: Good Morning Tapes | Cat#: GMT52]
  1. Side A (36:05)
  2. Side B (35:54)


  1. Bald Boi December 4, 2023

    Dance dance dance

  2. Psyched and Inspired December 4, 2023

    Real DJing. Lets get it. Nonsense DJs will met hearing this

  3. disco December 4, 2023


  4. Not crying Cuz this is so good… But if it wasnt being transmitted into my ears… I might have some tears…. the truth is I’m so weak for you baby… December 5, 2023

    This is beyond YES

  5. Baby… I pray you will get checked out for parasites… Because clearly something has taken over you……Suddenly your love died… It’s everything but rational… Can you remember the love… December 5, 2023

    So good

  6. Baby Girl… Lets say its not a parasite… I can forgive then… But if there is some toxin or evil mite within you… That could explain everything.. I’m sorry baby girl… December 5, 2023


  7. Laying in the bathtub with no water, since soon my tears will fill to the brim… Baby… Where have you gone… December 5, 2023

    Listening 3x

  8. N December 5, 2023

    It doesn’t matter for me actually if you are strong or weak, YOU ARE JUST GREAT FOR ME. AND I LOVE YOU.

    • I was stuck in an elevator... the door would not open... But with me... poof... a cloud of smells brings through your spirit... HEre inside this elevator I will suffocate... But IT is the perfect end... Goodbye.. December 5, 2023

      This comes at a time where I need it… THank u …

      • Baby... You kicked me in the shins with your love and now you have kicked me in the shin with your apathy.... How could I be more then a vegetable after this... I will grow and develop... But I do not want to return December 5, 2023

        Thank you again

    • THANKFUL YESDATA part 155555 December 5, 2023

      A change in the night. Still frisk, but my heart has been warmed. I am glad I did not suffocate in an elevator of beautiful fragrance.

  9. Sorry December 6, 2023

    Will wait the eternity if needed<3

    • Soerrier December 6, 2023

      <3 I am sorry and thankful

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