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Detroit’s Filthiest / Fight To The Finish [2021]

[Label: Defrostatica | Cat#: DICA018]
  1. Get The Strap (04:49)
  2. Secure The Bag (04:24)
  3. Failure 2 Launch (03:15)
  4. Motor City Blues (06:02)


  1. jamal November 22, 2021

    i sell crack rock give your girl ass shots
    mascots tried to cack block
    soo the nine letting off shots

    a nuisance in your community
    i turn worker ants to addicts
    stacking for family branches
    truthfully your family dont matter

    honests to god hereos
    dont staack dinero
    when i die tragically
    whether gunfire or from magic b
    i know you stay mad at me
    becau your daughter did the dance wit me

    while you young bucks hit the highway
    i spread that pussy like nine ways
    your little kiddy worship me
    thats just how its spose to be

    this poetry dont flow to me
    but you cop my shit anyway
    i gave you street flavor you want to savor
    i hope this quench your thirst for
    music you bump that hurts your community more

  2. Nippon November 23, 2021


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