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Blawan / Make A Goose [2020]

[Label: Ternesc | Cat#: TESC008]
  1. My Guide To Dancing On Carpet (06:01)
  2. Spooky Fingers (06:50)
  3. Make A Goose (06:09)
  4. The Conjurer (06:10)


  1. slax November 3, 2020

    AWFUL COVER. so bad I couldn’t bring myself to buy it in a record ship even if it was filled with belters for 50p

    • lil hundo November 3, 2020

      this guy probably owns every kanye west album

  2. blablan November 4, 2020

    haha blawan
    cover sucks hard, HARDEST no style, but his productions are next level good.. He has super fucked up ears, thats why his productions got harsher a lot since he started. he said it in an interview once..

  3. November 4, 2020

    This cover is so ugly that doesnt deserve to wipe my ass.

  4. El Chupacabro November 5, 2020

    what’s the deal with all those bodies under his garage?

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