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Ipa-Boogie / Ipa-Boogie [2020]

[Label: Albarika Store | Cat#: ALS071]
  1. Get The Music Now (06:59)
  2. Africa (05:14)
  3. Jesus Kese Me (04:36)
  4. Alo Dangereux (05:21)
  5. Giving Yourself To Me (04:59)
  6. Sunga Mba (06:16)

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  1. What you doing October 9, 2020

    An original copy of Ipa-Boogie’s eponymous 1978 album in average condition can set you back between £500 and £1000 pounds, seeing as it’s so rare and so valued by lovers of Afro-boogie and Afro-funk. Luckily for those of you without that kind of ready cash, Acid Jazz have secured a licensing agreement with Albarika Store to reissue the Benin group’s album in all its pristine glory for a much more reasonable price.

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