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Daft Punk / The Grid (Dreamkiller Remix) [2011]

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  1. foo April 27, 2011

    this is just some dude’s random remix he entered in a contest and posted on a dj forum. it’s not an official dp release.

    • Ugocrazy April 28, 2011

      But is it good ?
      I mean official or not we dont care as long as the track is good

  2. Beezey April 28, 2011

    Im with you, track is killer, weather Daft punk supported or not, this is a straight up BANGER!!!

  3. foo April 28, 2011

    i don’t really agree. “good” is subjective. to me it’s just another generic trance remix of something but i am glad other people like and enjoy it. so there has to be some threshold (otherwise this would turn into soundcloud or in the old days), and i think that threshold should be official releases…

    but then again it’s not my blog, so hey, thanks for the free music and keep up the great work!

  4. NoOne April 29, 2011

    It’s from here:

    Personally, I’m not impressed. There are much better entries of the over 800 submissions.

  5. robbyt May 3, 2011

    yeah, this isn’t very good.

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