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▲NGST / 984 [2011]

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  1. pixelterror April 26, 2011

    more triangles? man these witch house kids needs to find a new symbol

  2. puxel April 26, 2011


  3. jwill April 26, 2011

    Blair Witch FTW

  4. bodo April 26, 2011

    I think the triangles are supposed to symbolize the only instrument these bands can play.

  5. mutterafro April 27, 2011

    bodo :
    I think the triangles are supposed to symbolize the only instrument these bands can play.

    nice one xD!

    • kiri April 27, 2011

      lololo so funny xD


  6. YACHTSMEN April 27, 2011

    soundcloud yachtsmen!!

  7. -- April 27, 2011

    omg! and the triangle, is here both a symbol and the letter A in the word “angst” !!!!!!!!
    scary… clever… angst-ridden… connections to the futurebass genre in london… this is too much you guys!!!

  8. ABC April 27, 2011

    I’m tired of witch house
    Triangles are overplayed.

  9. bkdelux April 27, 2011

    the triangle symbolizes a high rooftop, that you want to jump off of after being exposed to yet another loser witch house album.

  10. BEN TUNDRA April 27, 2011

    Dear Nodata Trolls,

    If you don’t like this symbols, don’t download the fucking EP.

    One luv,

    • Plastic Milk April 27, 2011

      To the contrary, sir. In fact, I love the symbols so much I’m going to start my own witch house band and name it ▲. Look for our debut soon — it’ll be called ▲▲▲.

      • BEN TUNDRA April 27, 2011

        Do it. You won’t.

      • -- April 27, 2011

        hey how do you do the triangles on a mac? i wanna text some bitches & sound cool & talk about witchouse!

    • ABC April 27, 2011

      Aww, someone’s feelings got hurt. Instead, why not beg for people to spend $2 on your new EP at your bandcamp page?

      • BEN TUNDRA April 27, 2011

        (Primer: This EP is not my music. I simply run the label that put it out)

        My major beef is this: I get that you don’t like the music, you think the imagery is stupid, etc. So why post it here? Either:

        a) admins don’t read your shit comments, or
        b) people are downloading this stuff

        If you don’t like it, don’t download it or waster your time commenting about how “stupid” you think it is.

        Also, there’s nothing to get: you either like the music or you don’t.

  11. April 27, 2011

    lol @ the witchpoo defenders with their “you dont get it” attitudes.
    step out yr moms basements already

  12. ben April 28, 2011

    I’ve got a headache. And the prescription is MORE triangles!

  13. ▲●▲ April 28, 2011

    It’s lots of triangles, yes, triangles.. But the album cover is ver’ ver’ niiice.

    So.. What the fuck is the issue?


    Haters Gon’ Hate.

  14. Greg April 29, 2011

    I think I just got it. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side was a Witch House record! You can thank me later

  15. YACHTSMEN April 29, 2011

    lolzz..haterz frodo gonna hate when shits good soo plz don’t stop cause it’s very amusing when you hate on the Internet bhaha..ben you the shit homie:D

  16. YACH☨SMEN April 29, 2011

    woooo! ain’t our fault derek rose a witchouse guru!

  17. THE_REAL_D_ROSE April 29, 2011

    correct YACH☨ time I make a 3pointer ima cast a spell on all ya haterzz~~☨☨~~witchouse for life bitches woopSWAG~~☨☨~~

  18. fushitarazu April 29, 2011

    cover looks great imho, and the tracks sound nice, too :) very dark ambient-like

  19. DP April 29, 2011

    but seriously, what is with the triangles? i just read a big silly flame war, but no explanation for this weird meme. is it just “cool” hence the “you just don’t get it” defensiveness (of vapidity) ? or what? honestly curious, cuz if there’s no “real” meaning then its one of the funniest examples of mindless pigeonholistic trendhopping (via typography!) in recent memory.
    but maybe it’s some occult shit? i dno dudes

    • fushitarazu April 30, 2011

      my personal perpsective: it certainly can be considered as some kind of trend in witch house, like those bandlogos in black metal, which look very similar to each other. it’s not supposed to be ‘cool’ imho, it’s just a signifier and a placeholder for meanings of your choosing, it’s not necessarily ‘ritualistic’ or occult, although some projects are playing with this interpretation. In many cases, it’s not really clear. I think it’s interesting how the consistent use of a triangle (names, videos, pictures) creates the impression of hidden meaning. To me, it’s more like a typographical device (and i think it looks good). To replace letters with triangles or other symbols, numbers or sth. like that is common in bandlogos etc since they exist. In witch house, they just stick to this way of writing ^^

  20. DP April 29, 2011

    OR is the letter ‘A’ en route to being replaced with ‘▲’ worldwide, and witch house freax are just way ahead of the curve? if that’s true, then i propose thet ‘O’ also be replaced, with ‘⊙’

  21. danzadanzi April 29, 2011

    maybe nowadays much of us obsesses with bermuda triangle hahaha

  22. The Church Of Synth April 29, 2011

    Gosh…you guys wont notice that it is sensless to start hatin on the’s like winning at the paralympics. you win but you are still retarded..

    fear the witches bitches

    the church

  23. jwill April 29, 2011

    my precious-

  24. Calderon April 30, 2011


  25. nicanel May 26, 2011

    I’m pretty sure that the triangle imagery came from the Eye of Providence or the ‘all seeing eye’ which is often depicted in a triangle. I personally like the triangles, although they an be over used. Triangles or no triangles, Witch House is great. Don’t be afraid of what you think might be ‘hipster’ and just enjoy it.

  26. nicanel May 26, 2011

    although, having listened to this album, it’s not all that good. Enjoy a different album.

    • iamthesunset July 20, 2011

      I†’s ▲n EP, f▲ggot.

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