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Thurston Moore / Spirit Counsel [2019]

[The Daydream Library Series|DLS04]

1. Alice Moki Jayne (01:03:42)
2. 8 Spring Street (29:20)
3. Galaxies (55:41)


  1. I explain October 10, 2019

    husband and wife — or ex h and w, no?

  2. therealjohnstamos October 10, 2019

    loving this moore gordon back to back. well played nodata. well played indeed.

  3. Tito Jackson October 11, 2019

    A rather salacious story – they always played the role of darlings of the anti establishment but ended up being another couple or garden-variety celebrities, known for their indiscretions – all that’s missing is an album review on E!

  4. Damir October 11, 2019

    So??? Who made a better album/ep??? Who has won?

    • Binge watching October 11, 2019

      It’s hard to say as I haven’t heard either album ( just one song by Kim’s). Judging by the album cover art and song duration I’d say he’s going “experimental” while she’s going “pop”.

      • therealjohnstamos October 11, 2019

        “gone experimental” – grounds for divorce.

  5. phalmacracken October 13, 2019

    Moore is more of the same. Albums that would have come out on SYR. Kim is looking at new territory, and it’s hit and miss. Air B&B is one of the best things I’ve heard from her. YMMV.

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