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Sarah Hennies / Reservoir 1 [2019]

[Black Truffle|Black Truffle 053 D]

1. Preservation 56:24


  1. news September 30, 2019

    I like the photo. It looks a lot like the public park where I live and the supermarket cart is the same model as mine too.

    • saddle up, reality September 30, 2019

      although not entirely sexual, one could derive, with the proper hallucinogenic catalyst, a kind of yoni-phallic pseudo symbolism from this cover. also, i am envious of your cart model (and the contents therein).

  2. NO? September 30, 2019

    Very interesting.

  3. francescogenova September 30, 2019

    ecco bene ricominciate a scrivere stronzate.
    invece di sorridere per il graduale risveglio di nodata
    e per questo disco.

  4. Area Code 562 September 30, 2019

    I just got notice the pic is of Coach Dumfy’s belongings at the time he got kicked out of the Billy Joel Memorial tribute area near La Puente – our thoughts and prayers are with Coach

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