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Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma / Intemporel [2019]

[Label: Black Sweat Records | Cat#: BS053]
  1. Saxiran (05:23)
  2. Hack Sat Zoom (04:15)
  3. Adieu La Vie (12:03)
  4. Intemporel (07:25)
  5. Harmonium Odyssey (04:17)
  6. Le Temps Spiral (10:31)


  1. Pat Robertson September 17, 2019

    Kalma was born in Paris and learned to play recorder there

  2. $$$ September 17, 2019

    the digital triumphs over will
    react humans! react now

  3. trist September 17, 2019

    where is the real nodata? is this the real nodata?
    (sorrry for my english)

    • Check O’Minnutes September 18, 2019

      There is no real – there is no data. We must (simply must) take a step back from our daily toil to relish in admiration at the scope of greatness of Data’s work.

      • In Awe... September 18, 2019

        Agreed. If this is the beginning of the end, or even the end, full stop. Who knows the reasons…I for one, am truly wanting to say, Thank You No Data. For many years of peerless devotion to and a consistent quality of music and labels in such a varied scattering of genres. You have provided a wonderful service that has given us access to (and introduced so much new) music that otherwise I may not have come across.
        I hope this is just a hiatus, but fear perhaps not this time. Many times before you vanished, always to come back. If not, cheers.
        You are a kind of downloadable digital John Peel…!

        • FruitL00pMcGee September 21, 2019

          This happens with most blogs. They die because of too many copystrikes and then an inevitable full blown takedown. Some in specific countries are less prone to these laws, but I have no idea where they origin is.
          Then, if its run by multiple people, and drama goes down, many members stop posting and go off and make their own blogs. Considering the less frequent updates, I think its the latter. We’ll know soon enough if there is a clearly specific taste in music being posted here and a lot of other genres going missing…

          Near impossible to find legit music blogs the last few years, and most you find have fake links hidden behind pay walls.

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