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Mueran Humanos / Hospital Lullabies [2019]

[Label: Cinema Paradiso | Cat#: CPR001]
  1. Vestido / Dress (06:52)
  2. Los Problemas del Futuro / Problems of The Future (04:33)
  3. Alien (06:53)
  4. Detrás de una Flor / Behind a Flower (06:18)
  5. Guardián de Piedra / Stone Guardian (06:59)
  6. Cuando una Persona Común se Eleva / When an Ordinary Person Rises (02:12)
  7. La Gente Gris / The Grey People (05:09)


  1. streaming services August 10, 2019

    honestly i’d just love a website like nodata that updated say (bi) weekly with off the beaten path music releases

    • Igloo August 10, 2019

      I think the guys at DATA do a great job

  2. francescogenova August 10, 2019

    where is nodataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??????????????????????????????????

  3. starquisha August 10, 2019

    streaming services help me with the word will ya? Is it entitled? Privileged? How much does your ass pay for ND dls?

    • streaming services August 11, 2019

      i don’t download anything from here, i just use it to see new releases

      • streaming services August 11, 2019

        or…….. used to LOL

  4. Deteronomius August 11, 2019

    We all live in the ruins of a spectator reality – a far cry from the perfect world of other people’s projected show. We are heroes if we only decide to do away with their plastic toxic illusion. Don’t waver! Resist!

  5. BATER August 14, 2019

    Stir it Up NoData!

  6. nais138 August 16, 2019

    aguante nodata la conchadediooooos!

  7. Trending August 17, 2019

    This is a time to catch up and learn about other genres of music – not everything is footwork or glitch — maybe math rock? There is so much music online!

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