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Head High / Into It [2019]

[Label: Power House | Cat#: PH10010]
  1. Higher The Break (6:47)
  2. Virtual Girl (4:26)
  3. Depth (5:07)
  4. What You Want (5:36)
  5. Set Me Free (6:25)
  6. Hardcore (4:11)


  1. damien March 30, 2019

    whats wrong with all the links

    can you fix thaht please ??

    • Tormento March 30, 2019

      It’ll get u to turbobit but that’s no great shakes either

      • turbo? March 30, 2019

        It keeps taking me to a pay page for Turbobit not the download page.

        How do you get to the download page?

        • Tormento March 31, 2019

          When u click on the ND link, go to the right “Download” a couple of things may pop up but the turbobit should come up as well..

  2. turbo? March 31, 2019

    Thanks for the response.
    What is the “ND” link?

    I’ve tried all of the links. One goes to a Turbobit pay page. No download page. I have Tubobit Premium, too.

  3. illektrik April 3, 2019

    yes, it’s pretty fckd up with this filecrypt and all these ad pages. i think im gone for good

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