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Golden Oriole / Golden Oriole [2018]

[Label: Drid Machine | Cat#: DMR31]
  1. The Waxwing Slain (17:50)
  2. Až Přijde Kocour (12:42)


  1. douche July 1, 2018

    “””””””””Golden Oriole impressed me mightily when I saw them live, being as they were a drummer and a guitarist (both former members of Staer, a band I took waaaaay too long to check out when I was under the mistaken assumption that they were boring, run-of-the-mill noise-rock) locked together, pounding out rhythms relentlessly, seemingly for ages. While the durational aspect of the duo brings to mind bands like Ruins and Orthrelm, the number one aim here is to get you dancing. It’s not four to the floor, but a regular beat you can nod along to is right there, with the duo doing everything they can to play around with it, stretching and forcing and wrong-footing it into myriad odd elastic shapes. It’s suffocatingly poisonous punk funk, vocal-free with a bizarre guitar tone somewhere between bass and trombone, all slathered with some zippy noise FX for good measure. “The Pyrite Wink” is the standout for me, a rollicking humdinger that you may never hum along with.””””””””””””””””””(Collective Zine””””””””)

  2. CoachDumFi July 1, 2018

    Excellent review and observations Douche. Thank you for sharing and I will listen to this, rest assured.

  3. douche July 1, 2018

    Thanks my friend, I only copied that from somewhere–figured it’d come handy maybe– though on this hot sunday night here I’m letting some Chet Baker set the parameters of breathing within acoustics and time coordinates–something he had a grasp on

  4. CoachDumFi July 2, 2018

    Wow! That guitar player with the Les Paul is really fast and the drums are crazy. Look at all the amplification that is being used.

    • douche July 2, 2018

      That is outstanding. Not just any guitar but a Les Paul! And then the drums are just zany! This is one of the best videos — I can even check it on my phone!

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