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The Soft Moon / Criminal [2018]

[Label: Sacred Bones]

1. Burn
2. Choke
3. Give Something
4. Like a Father
5. The Pain
6. It Kills
7. ILL
8. Young
9. Born Into This
10. Criminal


  1. Shirt February 2, 2018

    In the future, record companies will be required to post on the record cover whether an artist is a criminal. The label Criminal will be posted beneath the artist names and then listed will be all crimes committed. Recording labels predict that a confirmed criminal background of the artist should boost his/hers social profile.

    • The Soft Moon February 2, 2018

      Nice fanfic, bro, keep it coming

      • d February 2, 2018

        ^ this guy is salty because he can’t get sonic youth type cred

  2. Störung February 2, 2018

    Damn! Missed it! REUP!

  3. Classicflaccid February 3, 2018

    It sounds like my tv has static and I’m fucking with the cord in the back making the static into rhythm.

  4. joy February 4, 2018

    i think i am starting to enjoy SM again…

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