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Various Artists / Fracture Mechanics [2017]

[Label: Mikroton | Cat#: mikrotoncd56]
  1. Transubstantiation (2:24)
  2. Pebble Snatch (24:56)
  3. Pendentive (14:18)
  4. Transmogrification (30:11)


  1. Shirt December 31, 2017

    Paul Vogel plays a mean air from another planet contained in terrestrial glassware. I am currently taking lessons on the this instrument at Sam Ash in Hollywood. No melodic minor scales to learn on this instrument.

  2. stronzo December 31, 2017

    Any record that has monotron sounds in it is a go. I see that someone plays ipod, which is good: I actually worked as an ipod genius at a Mac store in 2007 but I do janitorial work exclusively now, as I’m going green .

  3. PabloSquare January 1, 2018

    Stronzo, a big step moving from Genius to Janitor in the ecological food chain with much less of a carbon imprint left on your dying soul. Three cheers and Merry New Bob.

  4. Optimistic Underground January 2, 2018


  5. sexualcover January 3, 2018

    bar none, most sexual cover on the planet. nuff said.

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