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Retrogott / Funky Beats and a Supersonic Turbojet [2017]

[Label: ava. | Cat#: AVA.012]
  1.  We Do It Right (04:14)
  2.  Something Serious (05:12)
  3.  In Ya Hands (04:08)
  4.  Line 6 (Get Down) (05:24)
  5. Like This (02:47)


  1. ezkeep December 21, 2017

    are you guys able to use anything besides Turbobit…. It sucks ass big time

  2. Jon Sable December 21, 2017

    Yeah Turbobulshit is so annoying

  3. alberto balsam December 21, 2017


  4. Jon Sable December 21, 2017

    So many stiff German Producers making half rate sample based music. Soulfiction is another one for example. Sound nice but when you listen to the whole track something is missing and feels slighlty wrong…

    • dondonnydon December 22, 2017

      german ? u r truly into the scene dude

  5. Pee Baby December 21, 2017

    Can you guys just come to my house and put this music on my computer for me? But not while I am using the computer. That would be inconvenient! Maybe when I get up to pee real quick. Thanks

    • pfff December 23, 2017

      we’re not asking Nodata to do anything special… just to use a better sharing site, or more than one. There are tons of simple ones out there to upload on. Nodata used to do this! So it wouldnt be asking something new! THATS ALL

  6. Edna Vongerichten December 22, 2017

    Mexican jungle with chirruping polyrhythms and cinematic techno.

  7. dondonnydon December 22, 2017

    only for the weak… bad bad unfunky lame and boring

  8. alex.g December 31, 2017

    Yeah Turbobulshit is so annoying [2]

  9. (-o-) June 19, 2018

    megaupload and triangles

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