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MJ Cole / Satellite EP [2011]

Satellite EP[MF]


  1. Ian April 6, 2011

    Uncle! You can’t are too much.

  2. Ian April 6, 2011

    ‘cats’, rather.

  3. Norbert April 7, 2011

    Who can’t fail to remember an earlier “anthem” from him called “Sincere.” For me, an absolute classic!

  4. MJ Cole April 7, 2011

    I’d rather you guys paid for this music

  5. Stone April 7, 2011

    Probs is though MJ that since your 1st Lp you just made a load of wishy washy crap so 95% of us would rather grab this and make sure you still aint polishing US RnB turds

  6. Brah April 7, 2011

    Can we get a re-up?

  7. XXX April 7, 2011

    MJ, also do consider that if it wasn’t for this blog (like various others) a whole lot of us probably would have never even realized your new Ep was out… you lose some $$ but you do ensure new or renewed fans. Come play in mexico and def I’ll be at the concert – and you know you get more from playing gigs than from record sales. (by the way, it’s a very good Ep!!). Peace.

  8. radijacija April 7, 2011

    XXX got the point, this is where i learned MJ COle got a new EP. Besides that, there’s MJ Cole act on Share conference in Serbia tomorrow, Share conference is about sharing and supporting free music. Seems that we SHOULD share his music for free

  9. JM April 8, 2011

    Hey can we get a re-up of this please? It’s awesome and I need it!

  10. Aaah April 8, 2011

    Re-up pretty please?

    • Aaah April 8, 2011

      Muchos muchos gracias.

  11. lou April 10, 2011

    can someone re up this please… cant find it anywhere else. TIA

  12. spidermike April 18, 2011

    great ep but the links was still broken….. reupload plssss!!!!!!!!!

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