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Deamonds / Life Is Just A Game [2017]

[Label: East London Club Trax | Cat#: ELCT008]
  1. Careful (3:29)
  2. Rose From The Dead (3:55)
  3. Prada Steamer Trunk (2:37)
  4. Thats Jokes (3:30)


  1. vinnie December 8, 2017

    Life truly is just a game
    you throw the dice and they call your name
    driving down to Ohi-o
    grab some coffee cuz it’s time to go

  2. jeez December 8, 2017

    Life is a game indeed. Make your moves and play your cards; it’s just to what aim and for what purpose?

    • wikipedia December 8, 2017

      You just find the answer to your question right here in the esteemed pages of NODATA

  3. Shirt December 8, 2017

    “It’s No Game”. David Bowie

  4. binocularsjr December 10, 2017

    hey guys, whats up? it’s me, the devil


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