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DJ Playstation / BEFORE PARADISE [2017]

[Label: Self-released | Cat#: PLAY005]
  1. Before Paradise (5:28)
  2. After Hell (7:27)


  1. yo man November 29, 2017

    dj playstation… this is music now… a joke name… a joke cd… weird al jankovic is the new beethoven… and you’re too hip to care,….

    • HYPE4LYFE November 30, 2017

      Someone is bitter that they didn’t think of this name first

  2. BULLSHIT November 29, 2017

    Turbobit has failed for the second time in a row over the last 2 days!! YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING UP!!!

    • Me2 November 29, 2017

      Same with me… What are u guys doing?!

      • PiSSFLAP November 30, 2017

        Bore off with your whinging. It works fine you pair of cunts.

    • HYPE4LYFE December 1, 2017

      Seriously??? You’re talking like you paid money for this you useless, whiny, entitled shit smear. What service does this site OWE you? Nothing. Enjoy the free music and try to remember to contribute something to society (I.E. FUCKING MONEY) every once and a while.

  3. us guys November 29, 2017

    Sir, you are so totally right.
    We hereby commit to assure you free DJ Playstation tunes in the future.
    We are hard at work to achieve your (and our) goals.

  4. incnic November 30, 2017

    lol @ neckbeards complaining their music piracy site isnt allowing them to pirate musically effectively. entitled mongs.

    • jeez November 30, 2017

      ^^^ *sigh*

    • Hipocrat December 1, 2017

      like you come here to pay for music… ahaha

  5. Clive November 30, 2017

    A little better than DJ Wii

    • hope you packed your stretchy pants November 30, 2017

      I still like DJ Boring and DJ Relationship Goals better

  6. P'tit Macron Sarko December 5, 2017

    DJ Wii or DJ Playstation are fuckin’bullshiit ! The best for a real music gamers, is still DJ X Box !

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