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K. Leimer & Like A Villain / FTS001 [2017]

[Label: First Terrace Records | Cat#: FTS001]
  1. Kerry Leimer – Chance Favours Pattern (8:19)
  2. Kerry Leimer – The Melancholy Of Departure (1916) (3:59)
  3. Kerry Leimer – Noise Coiled Sleep (4:16)
  4. Kerry Leimer – Small Collected Enclosures (2:38)
  5. Like A Villain – Overcoming Emotional Trauma And Finding Your Inner Light Vol.II (19:23)


  1. Shirt November 28, 2017

    Neuro Funk is a new tag. A genre created from deep seated angst and fatigue from day to day living in this insane world.

    • yo man November 29, 2017

      it maybe be that is originally from Northern Europe (“”N.euro “) or against the currency (no euro… “bitcoin”).And then there is the cultural appropriation of “funk”… for “$”?

      • Philosophically obscure November 29, 2017

        Also, funky comes from Fun-Ky (as in Okay “K”) so Fun ? K!
        That’s what James Brown invented

  2. Skrrt November 28, 2017

    nnd I thought neurofunk came from Drum & Bass

    • posnormal November 29, 2017

      yes man 1996

  3. relax dont do it November 29, 2017

    i think that it is too early to speak about everything with prefix ‘neuro’. we must wait for first neurowebs will be created. because neurofunk is a part of future neurowebs, i.e. literally it is funk music transmitted directly to your brain from the brain of its creator. there will be no more analogue or digital audioformats, just lots of neurocommunications.

  4. Page 4 November 30, 2017

    Waiting for neurotechno, neurogarage, neurogrime and, for sure, neurowitchhouse!

    • larry ox November 30, 2017

      i would choose neurocountry tunes. i really need those banjo sounds inside my brain.

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