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A. Savage / Thawing Dawn [2017]

1. Buffalo Calf Road
2. Eyeballs
3. Wild, Wild, Wild Horses
4. Indian Style
5. What Do I Do
6. Phantom Limbo
7. Winter in the South (03:21)
8. Ladies from Houston
9. Untitled
10. Thawing Dawn


  1. CoachDumFi November 14, 2017

    The living space where was squatting was sparse, one plate with something fried and retrieved from a city dumpster earlier in the day, and one CD cover of Bob Dylan’s “Blood On The Tracks” recording without the CD inside which he had pawned off to a local record store months ago. The room smelled of human urine and one fly was stuck to the ceiling and had not moved from that spot for days. He told himself that he was happy as he plucked random chords on his Gibson Acoustic, a present from his parents when he was still in his youth and the age of nine.

    • HYPE4LYFE November 14, 2017

      Nice story but it’s a pathetic cliche and this album probably sucks balls like anything made by a wannabe Bob Dylan still squatting in a shithole working on the next great folk-rock epic….LOL. Put down the guitar and get a wifi connection, rock is dead.

      • Rock November 14, 2017

        Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated, assclown.

        • HYPE4LYFE November 14, 2017

          It’s not fake news, there hasn’t been a good rock album made in the last 50 years and the only black person who still plays guitar is Lil Wayne.

          • Eyes just rolled out of head November 14, 2017

            So – I imagine that being a ridiculous troll doesn’t pay very, but the job satisfaction must be through the roof, that’s the only explanation.

          • nunn November 14, 2017

            Right on! And to think there are losers out there still writing music for old-ass instruments like the piano and strings – makes me mad just thikning about it. . .

          • HYPE4LYFE November 15, 2017

            It makes me mad thinking about you patricians putting on the latest Red Hot Chili Peppers album and giving your genuine, obliviously cliched opinion to whatever aging rocker you invited back to your place after a couple pabsts at the deserted dive bar that you and two other trust fund babies are still wasting your time at. You probably still cry about Kurt Cobain and think Jack White is going to save the blues for rich white kids everywhere.

          • HYPE4LYFE November 15, 2017

            Hey guys it’s me. I’ve done some soul searching and I’d like to withdraw my previous comments about “rock” music being “dead”. I forgot about the Mars Volta 2003-2009. Admins plz delete the other ones they were hateful and racist against seniors.

        • Fine Fine Music November 15, 2017

          So is this deadpan self-parody or performance art? I’m going to go with the latter, and wish you all the best in your future career as a spoken word artist.
          Not A Patrician

          • HYPE4LYFE November 15, 2017

            wow you guys respond fast I must be doing something right XD

          • Patrician J. Patricianson Esq. November 15, 2017

            Well, you’re obviously none too slow on the draw yourself there Hype old boy, but we’re happy to add a ray of sunshine to what would otherwise be another uneventful day for you.

      • Crunkenstein November 15, 2017

        Mars Volta? Man, rock really *is* dead. Seriously tho, I can’t tell if you’re a precocious millennial knowitall, someone who’s so hipster they’ve gone full circle and become anti-hipster, or someone so anti-hipster they’ve turned into the biggest hipster in the world.

  2. ditto November 14, 2017

    Coach forgot to mention the fellow in question moved to the city but was quickly bilked out of his life savings by a bitcoin broker. The album cover of the CD might be worth something on ebay though, if properly advertised

  3. untitled November 15, 2017

    The critics of the critics find a home in nodata… the last stop feigning merit before acceptance of their complete pointlessness… In a foggy haze of wine and weed and canned spaghetti-o diners. Someone cuts a mean fart and the others laugh. The savage winter looms and soon noone will be laughing. Noone will be here, period.

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