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Emptyset / Skin [2017]

[Label: Thrill Jockey | Cat#: THRILL451]
  1. Skin I (6:42)
  2. Skin II (2:57)
  3. Eye I (5:37)
  4. Eye II (4:56)


  1. Emptyset October 26, 2017

    “The compositions of Skin are all focused around slapstick comedy in particular the cinematic antics of Adam Sandler. Custom string instruments and drums were placed randomly in a studio whilst the artist was blindfolded and stumbled around whilst imitating Mr Sandler’s antics. The sounds of the instruments being bumped into were captured in real-time and later edited to match the scene durations of ‘That’s My Boy” (2012). This is the first in a series of Adam Sandler tributes that Emptyset are currently working on.”

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