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DJ Vinyl / Mix 1 [2017]

[Label: Not On Label | Cat#: none]
  1. Abolabo 17.6.7 (48:37)


  1. Sock September 23, 2017

    Recorded at Abolabo 17.6.7
    Only 4 copies are known to exist. Comes in jewel case with a hand-cut tray insert.
    The mix contains a substantial amount of aphex twin material.No track list is given.

    • o September 23, 2017

      is it from the same festival

  2. Gloria Estefan September 23, 2017

    A “Real DJ” doesn’t have to play vynil

    • 5meo September 23, 2017

      Does not have to, but important to keep the tradition alive.

  3. ABC September 23, 2017

    Great Google SEO

    • hope you packed your stretchy pants September 24, 2017

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  4. bud September 26, 2017

    just put an anime cover and I’m sold
    shit man that’s some top shill

    • CNN September 26, 2017

      Actually very good

      • CNN September 26, 2017

        Is it AFX? Way better than the Mt Fuji record

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