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Hair & Treasure / Double Dragon [2017]

[Label: Sucata Tapes | Cat#: SUC03]
  1. Double Dragon (20:00)
  2. Double Dragon (20:00)


  1. lefteror August 1, 2017

    For some weird reason, I can’t see any of the album covers from the “newworldaquarium – chubby knuckles ep” entry onwards (the most recent ones).. Just a heads up

  2. lefteror August 1, 2017

    but only in the home or blog view, when I enter an individual entry the album art is visible.

    • ditto August 1, 2017

      I am going through the same predicament and it’s not pretty.

  3. Pink Sabbath August 2, 2017

    A Dark Ambient/Experimental/Noise thing on a cassete? This must be the most hipster thing ever!

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