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Imogen Heap / Lifeline‎ [2011]

Download [FS]


  1. Johan March 30, 2011

    Cooool. Thanks :)

  2. anonimo March 30, 2011


  3. Marc March 30, 2011

    Don’t download this for free. Buy the song – it’s incredibly cheap. Just support the artist you’re listening to. She put her hard work in to make it – reward her with a few pennies

    • Cajunk March 30, 2011

      You do realize that nearly every post on this site has links to the mp3 files for the song mentioned, right? You’re absolutely correct and there is no logical argument that can beat your own, however, understanding the nature of this site, do you honestly believe that anyone downloading this for free cares in the first place? It’s kind of like going on thepiratebay and telling everyone to stop pirating; that’s what they’re there for.

  4. imogen heap fan March 30, 2011

    Please remove this link or post a link to the iTunes download or where people can get the proper single and download it. It costs the same as a cup of coffee and lasts you a lifetime.

  5. Austin March 30, 2011

    Imogen is a true artist. People NEED to buy it.
    It’s not like she gets 3954936584 of downloads. Smaller artists deserve it.

  6. Helixxx March 30, 2011

    Every true artist should move their asses and go out on tour. I’ll buy the ticket to watch them play!

  7. ddd March 30, 2011

    Well, I wish I had a credit card, sadly, I dont…

  8. John March 31, 2011

    I refuse to buy a lossy file from iTunes.

    However, as soon as this song is posted on her web-site I’m going to buy it without hesitation. If you like the song, support the artist so she can continue making great music.

  9. Bobb March 31, 2011

    Please remove the dl link.
    The song was created with the help of the community, but with loads of hard work from the artist.It’s simply a disgraceful way to thank her by stealing it.
    I don’t care how many other mp3’s are posted here.That doesn’t make it right.People who don’t care a sh#t, shouldn’t waste their time in the first place downloading music they don’t even care to listen to.Not having a creditcard is no excuse either.And Imogen Heap goes out on tour all the time and even as she would not, it’s no excuse to place an illegal download on this site.
    Just buy the fucking song!

    • Helixxx March 31, 2011

      Thank God and nodata, I didn’t buy this fucking song and suported this artist. This fucking song sucks!

  10. Kashmir April 1, 2011

    OBEY, Motherfuckers!!! Give me all your money, then I’ll listen to Imogen Heap again, because the link is down. ;)

  11. Anti Slot April 1, 2011

    This song doesn’t show up in the iTunes store. I’m happy to buy it, but it’s not there.

  12. John April 2, 2011

    You can now buy this song directly from

    Please support Imogen and buy the song for less than the price of a cup of tea.

  13. marcinchleb April 2, 2011

    now you put me off and I wont even bother listening to it. why the f would I want to pay for mp3 files? WTF? its 21st century, accept it.

    • well April 6, 2011

      oh I dunno, something called payment for goods and services. Something that all cultures and nationalities subscribe to as a means of cultural progression.

  14. mario April 5, 2011

    dead link :(

  15. Eric April 12, 2011

    Well, now that it’s gone I won’t be listening to it at all. Thanks, fans.

  16. Thehell? April 17, 2011

    Seriously? It’s not 2001, – “I wanted to hear it first” is not a valid excuse anymore. You wanna listen to it first, youtube it or google it; it’s on a dozen blogs already.

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