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NSDOS / INTUITION Vol. 1 [2017]

[Label: Upton Park Publishing | Cat#: UPP19051]
  1. REIFICATION (9:13)
  2. DISTRACTION (5:03)
  3. ORIENTATION (4:31)
  4. INTUITION (6:52)
  5. PROJECTION (4:02)
  6. TRANSLATION (7:16)


  1. nou May 28, 2017

    Having just watched a very momentous film, Arrival, I find the listening of this ambient/musique concrète/techno LP to be of paramount interest.

    • Störung May 29, 2017

      nice… you’ve certainly peeked my interest and I have yet to see the film, but one can certainly sense its stupendous gravitas.
      The film was scored by Max Richter, but I have yet to hear it as well, how was it?

      • nou May 29, 2017

        You know, I don’t remember any of the OS , but if I had to describe it I’d say it was… poignant yet non-referential. Yes, that’s it.
        As far as the gravitas, it was indeed stupendous. The ending leaves a little to be desired but it is Hollywood after all.

        • Shirt May 29, 2017

          “poignant yet non-referential.”. What a review, whatever the hell it means.

          • nou May 29, 2017

            Just being elliptical yet nonplussed this fine morning.

  2. Shirt May 28, 2017

    What if we haven’t seen the film, would this ambient/musique concrete/techno be worth our paramount interest? The Cinema is expensive these days, twenty bucks a pop and in most cases the film never rises to the heights of even a slight bit of interest yet alone paramount. What to do on a Sunday evening broke.

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