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Ariwo / Ariwo [2017]

[Label: Manana Records | Cat#: MANANA002LP]
  1. To Earth (13:50)
  2. Caldera (9:20)
  3. Alafin (10:21)
  4. Gahambar (11:27)


  1. ArtPolice May 24, 2017

    Tag, just about everything but no Post Mathematical Rock. Damn.

  2. Kurt Vonnegut May 25, 2017

    Gahambars / gahanbars are six seasonal festivals or high feasts when Zoroastrians assemble to eat and share food communally. They are joyous occasions at which rich and poor met together, new friendships are formed and old disputes resolved. While each gahambar traditionally spans five days, nowadays it is the last day that is usually observed. The Gahambars are the only festivals mentioned in the Zoroastrian scriptures, the Avesta. Some authors such as Mary Boyce feel it is reasonable to conclude that the Gahambars were instituted by Zarathushtra himself.

    Gahambars are a demonstration of beliefs, principles and values in action and are an expression of piety in thought, word and deed. Next to Nowruz, gahambars are festivals of special significance for Zoroastrians.

  3. Shirt May 25, 2017

    Interesting. In Western culture, festivals are cluttered only with laser light shows, rising stages that revolve, bad music, and loads of drugged out people with stupid smiles on their faces. No expressions of piety in thought, word or deed.

    • Störung May 25, 2017

      Seriously… we live in a Frappuccino society… EXTRA CARMEL!

      • uhm May 26, 2017

        Uh, that got me jonesin’ for a Coffee Coolatta like right now!

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