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Dave Phillips / Rise [2017]

[Label: iDEAL Recordings | Cat#: iDEAL144]
  1. We Know Enough To Know How Much We Will Never Know (5:00)
  2. Rise (9:51)
  3. Culture Of Ethical Failure (7:17)
  4. The Construct (5:28)
  5. Solastalgia / Ohnmacht (8:47)
  6. Only The Cockroaches Shall Survive To Rule The Earth (3:43)
  7. A Grain Of Salt (Goes A Long Way) (1:46)


  1. Shirt May 11, 2017

    This is insane…the music.

    • Shirt May 12, 2017

      I did hear this–it’s not music, it’s sound

  2. CoachDumFi May 12, 2017

    Shortly after injuring my head and neck in a mountain bike accident, I began to withdraw from societal affairs, skipping college classes, avoiding friends, not answering the phone. After mustering up the courage to purchase a new mountain bike and get on it, this time with helmet, I ventured out far from the city with my i-phone coming to a rail crossing where a train roared towards the closing gates. I got off my bike, sat down a rock, and recorded the dinging sound of the gates closing and then the train that whisked by and sonic speed and sound. My injured brain concocted this experience to be the best musical event of my life, even better than the Oscar Peterson concert I attended in my youth. To this day, I play that recording over and over.

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