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Goldie – Inner City Life (2017 Rebuild / Burial Remix) [2017]

[Label: Metalheadz | Cat#: META057]
  1. Inner City Life (2017 Rebuild) (7:00)
  2. Inner City Life (Burial Remix) (6:59)


  1. Average Dave May 3, 2017

    I never normally comment as I leave it to you people, with your great taste and cutting banter. But this is utter shit from Burial. Out of tune vocals. Muddy and dull production. Fake rave for people who don’t remember raves. Burial is a joke now, he gets worse each time he slowly releases a turd. He doesn’t do albums because he doesn’t have one in him anymore.

    • jimmy peppercorn May 3, 2017

      yeah he fell off pretty hard a while ago. I at least have respect for producers like Loefah who started to fade but then switched it up completely and tried something new. Yet every release from Burial is the same shit over and over

      • Dillweed May 3, 2017

        Burial will never fade. Too much hype around this twat and mad cash swapping hands for records that aren’t worth owning. Like this one.

  2. A Retired Boxer May 3, 2017

    Goldie and Burial? I thought they’d be at a home for the elderly by now. Maybe that’s why this sucks, they are both deaf and incontinent.

    • Dillweed May 3, 2017

      Maybe they both do goldie pee pee in pants and then die and get a funeral getting lowered into the ground. Outer city death. Chumpface gimp.

  3. weirdo May 3, 2017

    the trolls are out in force today. burial is a genius, deal with it. thanks nodata

    • Dillweed May 3, 2017

      *was. quality has gone you cunt. deal with that fucker hype boi.

      • Illburyyou May 3, 2017

        Dillweed….you can go suck dicks in hell fuckface…Trolls like you only steal music.

  4. Pol Pot May 3, 2017

    I sentence four tet to life in my prison camps!

  5. Bobby May 3, 2017

    What is different in the “rebuild”? Is it a remaster, it just sounds like an edit. Also, that burial remix sounds like my speakers exploded.


    Burial can release a field recording of him pissing down in puddles complete with vinyl crackle and pitch-shifted moaning vocals and his fanboys will proclaim it as groundbreaking genius. Pathetic.

    • stronzo May 3, 2017

      I have not been to London. In fact I’ve never been outside Muskogee, Oklahoma. Sadly, I acknowledge I’m not competent enough to opine about the cutting-edge world of techno and beats.
      Sorry again and thank you sir.

    • Dillweed May 3, 2017

      Unless you have sat on a bus in London, with it raining outside, hoodie up, it is night time and you want to cry. And your uncle told you once about dropping pills in a field and raving till dawn. You don’t get the genius of Burial.

      • 5meo May 4, 2017

        Pretentious hipster cunt.

      • BROMEO May 4, 2017

        Dickweed: Has released zero albums. Has no artistic talent. Is still sitting on the bus with his hood up crying because nobody understands his cliiched british angst. XD

        • Jeremiah Cox May 4, 2017

          btw, i heard that when you speak cockney you must say “aunt” instead of “cunt”.

  7. Dillweed May 3, 2017

    Anus Shitty Tripe more like

  8. ZackBiff May 3, 2017

    Hey fellas, stumbled onto this site and thought I’d join in on the fun here but I don’t know who Goldie, or Burial or Fourtet are, just looking for some Greenday or Raconteurs, got any?

  9. 5meo May 4, 2017

    haha Burial makes all the mentally unstable crawl out their mums basements…y’all need to get yourselves a woman!

  10. larry ox May 4, 2017

    i only dream burial will come to this chat like brock and make some squabble with local people.

    • Burial May 4, 2017

      Sorry, I’m too busy for internet chatz

  11. Brock May 4, 2017

    I’m not, I’m only putting out 3 albums this week so plenty of spare time.

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