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G String / Seductive Games [2017]

[Label: Pinkman | Cat#: PBD04]
  1. Crystal Daze (06:41)
  2. Seductive Games (06:47)
  3. Decrypt The Myth (06:21)


  1. it is me, GOD April 23, 2017

    For the love of me! Why don’t the album covers fade out so that i can see the tags anymore?

    • steveholt April 23, 2017

      thought it was just me, please fix this ND

      • jeremy's jam April 23, 2017

        it really grinds my gears

    • jon April 25, 2017

      So fucking annying! Totally agree

    • Pee Baby April 26, 2017

      I cant hold it any longer!

  2. er4se April 23, 2017

    yeah it sucks…

  3. FORTITUDE 11:11 April 23, 2017

    I clicked on this just to read it… is that the PLAN?
    More clicks?

    • no hope April 23, 2017

      same! except i wasn’t thinking about a conspiracy for more clicks.

  4. FORTITUDE 11:11 April 23, 2017

    Anyway, Love, ND, but could you bring the contrast up on the text? Thnx.

  5. funkadelic April 23, 2017

    just highlight the album covers and you can see the tags, you nerds.

    • 45 April 24, 2017

      u made my day

    • Pee Baby April 26, 2017

      And don’t pee on the seat, you animals.

  6. tingle April 24, 2017

    Lolz – was searching for an album to make the same point. Seems like I found the right one… There was a time, there was a grey background behind the tags when you hovered over it – where are these days?

  7. . April 24, 2017

    I use CTRL+A to be able to read the text. Not a big deal, but it would be convenient if I didn’t have to.

  8. palomo vst April 25, 2017

    I think it is very cool that you can´t read it becouse it makes it mysterious… really nice feature keep it like that, actually it would be nice if all the releases were as mysterious as this one :)

    • &7 April 26, 2017

      Black out the entire site. There is no future.

    • Pee Baby April 26, 2017

      Pee on your feet to prevent athletes foot.

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