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Slowdive / Slowdive [2017]

[Label: Dead Oceans | Cat#: DOC132]
  1. Slomo (6:53)
  2. Star Roving (5:38)
  3. Don’t Know Why (4:36)
  4. Sugar for the Pill (4:30)
  5. Everyone Knows (4:22)
  6. No Longer Making Time (5:48)
  7. Go Get It (6:09)
  8. Falling Ashes (8:00)


  1. nosebleed April 18, 2017


  2. Mickey Mouse April 18, 2017
  3. Shirt April 18, 2017

    Three albums under the belt and they continue on in the 21st Century. Thanks NoDataT>V..

  4. Refried Stuff April 18, 2017

    they are looking for bills for their jubilations… they’ve lost all, even their voices… this is only an standard indie pop album… it’s funny how ppl enjoy refried stuff, event the new “young” ones.. XD

    • yt April 19, 2017

      Come back when you know how to read and write.

    • spud guts April 19, 2017

      As the singles were pretty dull I think Mr Refried’s opinion, whilst not being well written, may be entirely appropriate and I would assume that I would also support his indignation in the bands attempt at making a comeback.

      • Zio Scaldapiatti April 19, 2017

        i definitely live in the past when it comes to music and sadly i have to agree.
        of course i love reunion gigs when the band is still kicking a$$ but… it’s way way better when they don’t play songs from the comeback albums, and the ideal situation is when they just don’t have any comeback album so the whole set is made of classics.
        i don’t care if i sound like an a$$hole : comeback albums are 99% pure crap. ( except for a handful of blessed musicians like Wire for example… but that’s another story ).
        i consider myself super lucky because i had the chance to enjoy both Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine’s reunion gigs, without contaminations.

        • Shirt April 19, 2017

          What does one do when their time has come and gone, make more music? At the risk of looking or sounding ridiculous? MBV sort of pulled it off, their last release was fairly good, but what do they look like live? Old hipsters playing a genre that they practically invented but a genre that is now dominated by youth. An aging musician does better in other genres, Brian Eno for example or Classical and Folk musicians. It’s just awkward for the older generation participating in music that is for the young.

          • no hope April 20, 2017

            Quite the contrary i’d say, their reunion tour was a success – can’t rememer where precisely but one song end turned into a 15/20 minutes mind-melting drone and the whole venue in Glasgow was shaking and all the peoople were in awe. Sorry, which new generation shoegaze band is “dominatiing” ? I still follow the scene more or less …

            Also MBV last release “fairly good”? I tried so hard to like even a bit of that mess. I never tried so hard to like an album actually, to say it was shite it took me two months – for this one of Slowdive (which is way better ) i listened to the whole twice and 3/4 times the single that came out in january.

            Of course, as always …
            No hope.

    • Randall Canez April 20, 2017

      It´s funny to come and read some bullshit from people who believes everyone is wrong for enjoying a come back from a 90´s band, yes they don’t sound the same, but what do you expect 20 years later? Or the only music that matters now its just from the new bands? Hahahaha o man so ridiculous!

  5. weirdo April 19, 2017

    oh wow… thanks. amazing band!

  6. Optimistic Underground April 19, 2017


  7. shoegeezer April 19, 2017

    it’s fine, i guess. that last song though, ugh. the latest tears run rings album and the new secret shine are better.

    • Zio Scaldapiatti April 19, 2017

      Oh nice to hear that, i loved so much Secret Shine … i will check their new one without expectations as i do for all the comeback albums (the explanation is above here somewhere ^^ ).
      I would love to see them live tho…( of course for the classic songs )

  8. no hope April 19, 2017

    it’s indiepop … quite catchy but this genre bores me to death.

    i guess i’ll stick to the old stuff… forever.
    no hope.
    just oldschool.

    • pm April 27, 2017

      go to die , its better

  9. :) April 20, 2017

    Pygmalion and Souvlaki are finally their only good records. This one sounds like a random indie pop/shoegaze band.

    • no hope April 20, 2017

      what about the first one and the EP’s ?… Avalyn part 1&2 are pure bliss.

  10. boiling point April 20, 2017

    they are looking for bills for their jubilations… they’ve lost all, even their voices… this is only an standard indie pop album… it’s funny how ppl enjoy refried stuff, event the new “young” ones.. XD

  11. yo April 23, 2017

    Oh wait….’Falling Ashes’ is pretty awesome, they should have done a whole album like rather than try and rehash their ye olde 90s shenanigans.

  12. Augusto Cazares May 15, 2017

    there are songs definitely worth hearing, “Slomo” for example is what i would expect Slowdive will evolve to mid 90’s, “Don’t Know Why” is a classic Slowdive sound an it is the band at its best and then we have “No Longer Making Time” that sounds kind of Monster Movie but is a great tune nonetheless.

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