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Conor Oberst / Salutations [2017]

Too Late to Fixate
Gossamer Thin
Next of Kin
Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)
Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out
Barbary Coast (Later)
Empty Hotel by the Sea
Anytime Soon
Counting Sheep
Rain Follows the Plow
You All Loved Him Once
A Little Uncanny


  1. w33d March 16, 2017

    drowning in his tears

  2. Pee Baby March 16, 2017

    Don’t pee in the pool!

  3. q March 17, 2017

    I used to clean swimming pools before I became homeless. I gambled away my entire life savings ($ 375) in Vegas and then I just gave up. My probation officer told me they’re hiring janitors at Celine Dion’s casino, so there might be a upside to all this after all.

    • nelly f. urtado March 17, 2017

      Same here

    • r March 18, 2017

      When I was cleaning swimming pools in L.A. I accidentally dropped to much chlorine in the pool so the acidity level became significantly dangerous. Smoked a split and forgot to adjust the PH levels with chemical and the entire Darby clan on Beverly Dr. was poisoned and died in the pool that afternoon (for the exception of Mr. Darby Attorney L.T.D.) who found his four lovely children and wife floating belly down in the pool. I lost that gig and wandered the streets of Beverly Hills without living quarters, food, or pot. I began to find swimming pools to sleep in at night, the water surrounding me like a cold wet blanket.

      • seth March 19, 2017

        Love your style of writing though

  4. indie kid March 17, 2017

    a turd floating in a vast ocean

  5. Ex Lion Tamer March 17, 2017

    So I’m assuming the cover is a metaphor for Conor Oberst’s career?

    • burial March 17, 2017

      even pitchfork has quit on him

  6. larry ox March 18, 2017

    Oh yeah…this is me and my style of swimming, guys. I’m probably the slowest swimmer in the world.

  7. FakeMoonLanding March 20, 2017

    WHY? called and want their Oaklandazulasylum cover back.

    • q March 20, 2017

      Brian Jones called and wanted his forensic death scene photo back.

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