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Muslimgauze / Mohammad Ali Jinnah [2016]

Label/Cat#: Staalplaat – archive twenty

1. Kurds Eye View (05:23)
2. Imam Fainted (04:12)
3. Burnt Pages Of Ali Jinnah Koran (07:37)
4. Rafia, In Her Voluminous Black Tent (07:31)
5. Yousif Water Pipe Habit (05:05)
6. Opulent Maghrebi Meze (05:46)
7. Cold Turkey (03:40)
8. Because He Had A Mustache And Beard, They Thought He Was An Arab (03:43)
9. Abu Kaff, Your Guide Around A West Bank Bedouin Shack (03:22)
10. Abdullah Kosher Halal (02:18)
11. Bleu Box Of Zaffarool Goudarzi (02:18)
12. Zahir Din, Cabdriver Of Zind (02:31)
13. Indo Muslem Atlas (01:54)
14. For Larger Iran (07:24)
15. Hazarajat (02:02)


  1. Shirt January 18, 2017

    This guy lives across the street from me and I swear to God that he always strikes the same pose. I can see him every morning get into his jalopy and drive off in the same pose, no hands on the wheel but the car steering it’s way down the old dirt road. One evening he came home piss drunk, exited the jalopy hands in the air and proceeded to piss all over his front lawn hands in the air. Couldn’t figure out how he unzipped.

  2. Putin January 19, 2017

    RIP Muslimgauze

  3. :) January 19, 2017

    Is that true that Muslimgauze is totally antisemistic/islamist or he’s just a private joke like Vatican Shadow ?

    • But should thay? January 19, 2017

      Don’t think Muslimgauze is anti semitic/islamist or pro.. Just trying to make people wake up to there ignorance of this walk of life. Long live Muslimgauze R.I.P Bryn Jones (tracks like..Because He Had A Mustache And Beard, They Thought He Was An Arab) Are a bit of a give away.. .

    • Jammon January 22, 2017

      I guess if you consider anyone who protested the occupation and brutal suppression of the Palestinian people to be “anti semitic”. Palestinians are of course an aboriginal semitic people. I think he was primarily an activist through music for basic human rights in the Mid-East.

  4. Yo January 28, 2017

    Is this supposed to be completely overdriven?

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