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Orthodontrix / First Visit [2016]

[Label: Beer On The Rug | Cat#: BOTR053]
  1. open ur body (6:04)
  2. rebirth (3:31)
  3. u know the feeling (5:05)
  4. wax bite (5:45)
  5. separator (6:26)


  1. lol January 7, 2017

    uh oh, Beer On The Rug tagged as ambient darkware? Has vaporwave peaked? Do indie labels keep a spreadsheet of Google Trends data on buzz genres?

    • stronzo January 7, 2017

      You know your shit, the nooks and crannies of the music biz. I am just watching Mexican fútbol. Very well lighted stadiums, a sober yet lively crowd, spirited players. Overall, a clearly finely organized affair.

      • lol January 8, 2017

        I don’t know shit about the entertainment industry, but I was just listening to some interviews with marketing execs and they wouldn’t shut up about “data driven” bullshit or whatever…

        • 5meo January 8, 2017

          data is the new oil

          • yesmeansno January 8, 2017

            Future=No Future
            Data=No Data

      • HDDln16ML January 8, 2017

        Data mining is the new ‘Best Career’ for the 21st century, ask Eric Snowden and Julian Assange. The Govt. is monitoring your every move, your every click, and they watching you through your computers camera (silver electric tape over the camera portal should do the trick) and Big Brother is now using mental telepathy to monitor your thoughts. There is no escaping this (heads up Weirdo) so just go along with the program.

        • 5meo January 9, 2017

          a reptilian broke into my house at night and stole my watch.

        • shoehat January 9, 2017

          how’d you know my name is weirdo?

  2. er4se January 7, 2017

    sub genres are getting a little ridiculous…

  3. weirdo January 8, 2017

    anyone into analwave?

  4. Optimistic Underground January 9, 2017

    Heard this a couple weeks ago free on bandcamp. good stuff

  5. gay January 9, 2017

    nerds freakin out like darkwave is a new genre

    • lol January 9, 2017

      It’s a new turn for Beer On The Rug records, who usually produce nothing but vapor…but maybe they just ran out of Sade and Bell Biv Devoe samples finally.

      • The Ghost of Michael Jackson January 10, 2017

        Except that’s not really true either, they’ve always put out non-vaporwave stuff, dating all the way back to their first release, Casino Gardens.

      • Optimistic Underground January 10, 2017

        You’re clearly not familiar with Beer on the Rug, then.

  6. :) January 9, 2017

    Boring and uninspiring, like every BOTR release.

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