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E.R.P. ‎/ New Road [2016]

[Label: Tuppence | Cat#: TUP002]
  1. New Road (3:02)
  2. Summer Nights (5:10)


  1. Jeff December 15, 2016

    Those were the days, Nay Say Sam and his wife Doris throwing the wine on weekend bender in upstate New York.

    • trombone gestures December 16, 2016

      Boy did she have a rack on her! Mamma mia!

  2. Your mother secretly dances to Sven Vath December 16, 2016

    As i suggested on the EOD on WéMè post – i feel there’s a real need for this tag.

    In the meantime i’ll do it :

    This is
    E L E C T R O *

    *That (once) mindblowing genre played by Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Photodementia, I-F, Dj Stingray, AUX88 and many many more.
    The contemporary electro productions are made mostly for boring old timers – missing their jaw-clenching days and complaining about how fast new trends come and go.

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