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The Beatles: Eight Days a Week / The Touring Years [2016]

In the 1960s, the Beatles exploded on to the public scene, seemingly out of nowhere as the band’s formative years of constant performing at home and in Hamburg, and Brian Epstein’s grooming, finally paid off beyond their wildest dreams. Accompanying new interviews of the remaining Beatles, their associates and fans as well as archival interviews of the late ones, this film features footage of the heady concert years of 1963 to 66 when the band became a worldwide cultural phenomena topping them all. Furthermore, it also follows how the Fab Four began to change and grow while the excitement of Beatlemania began to sour their lives into an intolerable slog they needed to escape from to become more than what their fans wanted.


  1. Shirt November 24, 2016

    Very cool, but a 21 hour download with TB. Yikes. Love the Fab Four but 21 hours…

    • Joss Pelvis November 25, 2016

      8 minuts with UL premium. Spend your money :)

    • Reply November 25, 2016

      The expected DL time might fluctuate depending on signal, number of people dling, etc. I’d say the biggest problem might be the signal cutting off and aborting the process. Otherwise I’m sure you’ll see a big drop of hours as you go along.

  2. julie n November 25, 2016

    no sound through winamp or win movie app. Checked other films through same apps and no problem. Sad.

    • oh November 25, 2016

      You can also try buying it

      • lol November 26, 2016

        yeah, i streamed this like two months ago on Apple Music when it was released…

        • lol November 26, 2016

          Oh, wait, this is a documentary film? I thought u meant the album of the show…meh.

  3. Mel November 25, 2016

    Not available on I-Tunes or Netflix. Why tease us with the Fab Four when we will never get to see them. Remember when the visited Minneapolis and snubbed their fans as well as President Marcos in the Philippines.

    • No November 26, 2016

      And you’d probably be better off forgetting about it too

  4. DI ADVISA November 25, 2016

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  5. HalThe9000Series November 25, 2016

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  6. weirdo November 26, 2016

    who even listens to these old farts

    • $ November 26, 2016

      Well, many people into “Americana” and “Alternative” as well as “indie” do. Even “Pop” and “R & B”.

  7. barry gibb November 27, 2016

    Re-up please for us ‘old farts’ who missed it.

  8. delete this November 28, 2016

    delete this bad stuff from bad men

    • Rip Van Winke November 28, 2016


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