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Liem & Eddie Ness / Hardcore Will Never Dry [2016]

[Label: Lehult | Cat#: LHLT007]
  1. Holy Grail (6:26)
  2. JRP (7:13)
  3. Kevintin Melbourne Shuffle (6:27)


  1. Jeff October 26, 2016

    Studio execs over at The Mount preparing and calculating their next sexual battery.

  2. ersatz October 27, 2016

    Man City’s head honchos and other operators at Old Trafford’s exclusive balcony seats today. They now know hiring Pep was wrong. “Someone’s gonna pay for this” says the guy upfront to the man at his right. The lady with the glasses has had it too, but she won’t say no to another glass of champagne.

    • Uli Hoeness' Tax Return October 27, 2016

      It’s a Bundesliga game. The graphics and their shit-tier logo on the bottom right are the giveaway. Looks like Bayern vs Hamburg. They are probably discussing by how many points Bayern will enevitably win their spectacularly boring league championship, whilst the woman has spotted a poor person far too close to the director’s box for her liking.

  3. Joe Doe October 27, 2016

    Actually it dries really quick, usually all hard and crusty

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