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Visonia / Opal’s Sunflowers [2016]

Last Known Trajectory / TRAJECTORY LP3

A1 – Beyond the Clouds
A2 – Danse Avec Ia Lune
B1 – The Love Without You
B2 – Tan Cerca, Tan Lejos
B3 – The Owl
C1 – Immunity
C2 – Melancholy
C3 – The Child Who Flew With Birds
D1 – Waltz of the Fireflies
D2 – Opal’s Sunflowers
D3 – The Petals Fly Toward Us

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  1. L-Theanine & Rohypnol September 19, 2016

    I love this guy and his Nausica EP was in my top 5 release of the last year… but i don’t have high expectations for this one bc i’ve heard some samples and it should be totally (all digital) synthpop.
    Nothing against synthpop here, actually i’m still obsessed with that and everyting new wave related but what i’ve heard was a little bit too cheesy.
    Fingers crossed


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