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Eluvium / False Readings On [2016]

Temporary Residence Ltd. / TRR265

Fugue State
Drowning Tone
Regenerative Being
Washer Logistics
Movie Night Revisted
Beyond the Moon For Someone In Reverse
False Readings On
Rorschach Pavan
Posturing Through Metaphysical Collapse


  1. weirdo September 2, 2016

    run a bath. hit a bong. press play

    • ApocalypticBoredom September 2, 2016

      this is solid advice.

    • Wasbeer September 3, 2016

      only have a shower :(

      • Maharaja September 3, 2016

        Count ur blessings, Im paying $ 3200 a month for a room w/a shared toilet here in Cardiff

    • juststuffit September 19, 2016

      alternatively, if you have no bath and if the weather is too hot for a bath to be appropriate (which is the case where I am), then:
      lay down in an open field, smoke a J, press play and watch the clouds/stars

  2. parks September 5, 2016

    reminds me of my 2007-2008, sweet time

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