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Frank Ocean / Blonde [2016]

Boys Don’t Cry

01. Nikes (05:14)
02. Ivy (04:09)
03. Pink + White [feat. Beyoncé] (03:04)
04. Be Yourself (01:26)
05. Solo (04:17)
06. Skyline To [feat. Kendrick Lamar] (03:04)
07. Self Control [feat. Yung Lean & Austin Feinstein] (04:09)
08. Good Guy (01:06)
09. Nights (05:07)
10. Solo (Reprise) [feat. Andre 3000] (01:18)
11. Pretty Sweet (02:38)
12. Facebook Story (01:08)
13. Close to You (01:25)
14. White Ferrari [feat. James Blake] (04:08)
15. Seigfried (05:34)
16. Godspeed [feat. Kim Burrell] (02:57)
17. Futura Free (09:24)


  1. weirdo August 27, 2016

    coke or toke?

  2. shoehat August 27, 2016

    A solid “meh”

  3. CoachDumfi August 27, 2016

    Swimming in the industry ocean..

  4. Granda Pa Oli! August 27, 2016

    this! alongside frank ocean sits Kanye west, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Anna-Kendick Lamar Odom Kim Kar-Wong, Stacey Dash, Miss Will “Jada” Smith-Pinkett, Willow and Jayden too… we are living in the day and or age of the NEXT karate, kids!

  5. World Ponzinomic Forum August 27, 2016

    Crying an wanking.

  6. Trilateral Commission August 27, 2016

    i want to cuddle cat power. thanks

  7. Storung August 27, 2016

    Fuck this shit!

  8. lol August 27, 2016

    I guess Channel Orange was Frank Ocean’s Illmatic and now the music consumer community is in for another two decades of mediocre junk from this jerk getting hyped to all get out until finally everyone who was young when Channel Orange dropped is finally old and the 20th Anniversary Edition featuring bonus remixes by future flavor of the moment producers exclusively relevant to the summer of 2036.

    • lol August 27, 2016

      Oh, wait, Channel Orange come out in 2012 so we only have to wait for the limited edition remastered vinyl with bonus download codes for another 16 years! 2032 gonna be here in no time! Unfortunately, between then and now we will be subjected to an unknown number of awful albums and awful visual albums from Mr. Ocean.

      • robin almond sr August 28, 2016

        By 2030, Google will choose our albums for us, and Mr. Ocean will not be on the feed.

  9. CoachDumfi August 27, 2016

    I liked this record, especially the guitar work that is subtle and kept at low levels. Nice work, to all the musicians involved on this project.

    • lol August 27, 2016


      • Rapper Vorpsi August 28, 2016

        LOL! Yeah, being obsequious only works if the people actually know you. Hilarious comment — next time save it for the Facebook friends you don’t have.

        • lol August 28, 2016

          Bro, Coach D and I go way back, we’ve been shitpostin’ around here for at least a solid six months…

  10. corn crab chowder August 27, 2016


  11. MF DOMO August 28, 2016

    Modern day classic

  12. damn_daniel August 28, 2016

    one of the best records this year. no shit.

    • lol August 28, 2016

      As an Apple shareholder I’m happy it was successful, but as someone who wanted to listen to an album that’s good I’m somewhat less happy

      • ppl August 28, 2016

        But if “music” as in mediocre-ly organized sound that perfectly fits the combo of phone, a fb account, a gym membership, a rent lease, a school loan, and a drab intellect… No worries though, there’s plenty more coming, and the product to go with it. I literally just read in a website that this was artistically important so I’m delighted for the share

  13. Mickey Mouse August 28, 2016

    all these comments are the same 2 people

    • donald August 28, 2016

      I think one person and a bot

  14. Charlemagne the God August 28, 2016

    berghain tho

  15. Ciseaux August 28, 2016

    Is he related to a guy called “Billy Ocean” from the 80s?

    • Walter 'The Stingray' Newell August 29, 2016

      Yah, its his son, Frank! He did an album in 2012 that people awarded as a year best, but it was just a joke, it was terrible.

  16. --- August 29, 2016

    people still use autotune…and call it great.. embarrasing

    • ApocalypticBoredom August 30, 2016

      spelling embarrassing wrong… embarrassing.

      • --- August 30, 2016

        sorry, didn’t have the spellcheck on

  17. ApocalypticBoredom August 30, 2016


    • --- August 30, 2016

      hope he leaves soon and god

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