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Wild Beasts / Boy King [2016]

1. Big Cat (03:07)
2. Tough Guy (03:31)
3. Alpha Female (03:44)
4. Get My Bang (03:32)
5. Celestial Creatures (04:27)
6. 2BU (04:18)
7. He the Colossus (04:10)
8. Ponytail (03:38)
9. Eat Your Heart out Adonis (03:56)
10. Dreamliner (04:44)
11. Boy King Trash (Bonus Track) (20:52)


  1. Bashar Al Assad July 30, 2016

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    • frank July 30, 2016

      u wot m8, dont like ur kind round ere

      • Owl July 31, 2016


  2. Owl July 30, 2016


  3. w33d July 30, 2016

    hey hey hey, this SUCKS

  4. Mickey Mouse July 31, 2016

    i hate being reminded shit like this and com truise and lazerhawk and chvrches exist

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