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The Field / Reflecting Lights [2016]

[Label: Kompakt | Cat#: KOMPAKTDIGITAL070]
  1. Reflecting Lights (14:05)
  2. Reflecting Lights (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Mix) (3:57)
  3. Reflecting Lights (Not Waving Mix) (6:05)


  1. thank u May 1, 2016

    thank u!!

  2. mark May 1, 2016

    wow that Not Waving RMX… :-)

  3. Mel May 1, 2016

    I’m confused, is this post-mathematical or pre tensor calculus. forty five or so minutes of drums beating with crude minimal synths. How many records does this guy make in one year?

    • Dodonpachi Daioujou May 1, 2016

      you missed the point of music as a whole
      you missed the point of life even

      • 1+1= ? May 1, 2016


      • Shirt May 1, 2016

        Enlighten the many more and tell us what the point of this music is. Is repetition the key element here?

        • Kenny G May 1, 2016

          I will come back and enlighten you people but right now it’s time for some fireside favorites. Delightful easy listening blowing is what it’s all about in this chilly night.

  4. Kashmir May 2, 2016

    All down….OK kompakt, I listen to something else…

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