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DJ Rashad / Afterlife [2016]

[Label: Teklife | Cat#: .TEKLIFE001]
  1. DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & Taso – Roll Up That Loud (3:36)
  2. DJ Rashad & Gant-Man – Get Fuk’d Up (3:00)
  3. DJ Rashad, DJ Manny & DJ Spinn – Let’s Roll Out (3:47)
  4. DJ Rashad & DJ Phil – Come Close (4:24)
  5. DJ Rashad & DJ Earl – Wear Her Pussy Out (3:49)
  6. DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – Oh God (4:48)
  7. DJ Rashad, Gant-Man & DJ Manny – Ratchet City (3:00)
  8. DJ Rashad & DJ Taye – Get You Burnt (4:28)
  9. DJ Rashad, Tripletrain & DJ Spinn – Pass That (3:13)
  10. DJ Rashad, Boylan & DJ Manny – Tony Montana (2:50)
  11. DJ Rashad & DJ Tre – Yeah We Do This (4:48)
  12. DJ Rashad & Traxman – Lost Worlds (3:36)
  13. DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & DJ Paypal – Do You Wanna Be Mine (5:33)
  14. DJ Rashad & DJ Manny – Roll a Tree (4:48)


  1. ApocalypticBoredom April 8, 2016


  2. god April 8, 2016

    omg yaaaaassss rashad slaaaaay!
    yea capitalizing on a dead heroin addict yaaaaaass!

    • brandino April 8, 2016

      didnt he die from lean & xanax? you sort of prove a point but not really…

      • god April 8, 2016

        On Saturday, April 26, 2014, Harden was found dead at an apartment on West 21st Street, Chicago. According to police reports, Harden was found by a friend and was pronounced dead at the scene at 1:50 p.m. An initial autopsy proved to be inconclusive. Initial reports suspected that the death was due to a drug overdose as his body was surrounded by “drug paraphernalia”, however, his cousin stated that his death was due to a blood clot in his leg and that the drug paraphernalia was related to cannabis and not hard drugs. However, on August 7, 2014 an autopsy confirmed that the death was in fact drug related, with heroin, cocaine and alprazolam being found in Rashad’s system.

        • brandino April 9, 2016

          hmmm thats ironic, definitely cant hear the heroin in his music

    • god April 10, 2016

      fuck off.

  3. ^ April 8, 2016

    who… i’ll google

  4. zurkonic April 8, 2016

    Yo, fuck you god. Yes, he struggled with addiction from what I understand, but this is a celebration of his memory and legacy, one that is not only still relevant within the evolution of Footwork, but also a fiscal legacy that is likely going in part to his son, though if it was going to support Teklife, wouldn’t be mad at that either. Rashad’s legacy was so tied up with the future, this isn’t just corpse-prodding but significant archival work that is advancing the conversation. Have you ever lost a friend to addiction god?

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