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Woods / City Sun Eater in the River of Light [2016]


01. Sun City Creeps ( 5:58)
02. Creature Comfort ( 3:47)
03. Morning Light ( 4:10)
04. Can’t See At All ( 4:45)
05. Hang It On Your Wall ( 2:13)
06. The Take ( 5:37)
07. I See In The Dark ( 4:05)
08. Politics Of Free ( 3:36)
09. The Other Side ( 4:04)
10. Hollow Home ( 4:05)


  1. Claire April 7, 2016

    Smartest cat in a graduation class of zero.

  2. you should feel bad for being a cu*nt April 8, 2016

    go find a way to participate, you waste of life. go find another cunt to fuck instead of pissing on people’s creativity. don’t you know the world isn’t tailor made for your liking? fuck you.

  3. fran April 8, 2016

    thanks for literally nothing with this comment. why don’t you quit pissing on people’s creativity–which is not necessarily fucking made for your pleasure and approval–and go find another cunt to fuck into submission. asshole.

    • PanamaPapers April 8, 2016

      Whew, från. Pretty mean stuff. I didn’t interpret her comment as a criticism of the artist work at all. I think that she was referring to the artwork: a skull, a dead person, graduating from the walk of life into the afterlife. No winners or losers in either frame.

  4. Owl April 8, 2016


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