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Deakin / Sleep Cycle [2016]

[Label: Self-released | Cat#: none]
  1. GOLDEN CHORDS (6:29)
  2. JUST AM (8:09)
  3. SHADOW MINE (1:15)
  4. FOOTY (7:20)
  5. SEED SONG (3:12)
  6. GOOD HOUSE (7:05)


  1. 26k April 8, 2016

    This guy is a joke. A perfect example of music hype creating “artists.” It took him how many years to make this mess? And he took more money from kickstarter fans than most labeled artists receive as an advance. Good thing the money ended slavery, tho.

    • bill April 8, 2016

      …he yells into the void…nobody listening…nobody caring…a waste of energy to be so negative about someone’s creativity…change the channel and find something to care about…good luck with your hate and confusion in this strange world…

      • 26k April 8, 2016

        It’s not as simple as “someone’s creativity.” A privileged white artist used Africa and slavery as a way to raise money for his “creativity / void-yelling.” It isn’t hate. It’s frustration at a celeb-obsessed culture that creates heroes out of thin air.

        Good luck to others trying to “change the channel” on “this strange world” and finding yourself stuck in an echo chamber celebrating mediocrity and mistaking creativity for colonial dilettantism.

        • chom April 8, 2016

          I wouldn’t call deakin, the least significant member of animal collective, a hero or celebrity

        • Apocalyptic Boredom April 8, 2016

          Bruh you’re the one yelling into the void about an artist taking people’s money.. on a piracy website.

  2. Shirt April 8, 2016

    26k on the mark with their commentsL ambition does not equal creativity (which involves quite a bit of handwork trying to mold that creativity into something tangible to the world of what we call art. Sometimes it just a good idea to lay back and have some fun with creativity, but that approach is short lived and never recognized as a substantial work of art. Hollywood is bedridden with folks with ambition and training, but very few fall into the category of artist no matter what they think or are being told about their work. This is a shame, and as 26k points out leads to a culture that settles for mediocrity. Sometime I think the real artist in the world are never heard or seen because of massive insecurities about their work. Colonial diettsantism is a beautiful description of our current path towards expression in the artistic world.

    • Apocalyptic Boredom April 8, 2016

      This is fucking hilarious to read in the context of a piracy website. Paste it on your tumblr where someone might clap for you.

    • ++$$ April 8, 2016

      Interesting comment–

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