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Cullen Omori / New Misery [2016]

1. No Big Deal (4:15)
2. Two Kinds (3:20)
3. Hey Girl (5:13)
4. And Yet the World Still Turns (4:03)
5. Cinnamon (4:00)
6. Poison Dart (4:48)
7. Sour Silk (3:36)
8. Synthetic Romance (3:22)
9. Be a Man (3:20)
10. LOM (3:38)
11. New Misery (3:30)


  1. Jesús Linde March 23, 2016

    really good!! thanks!

  2. BG March 23, 2016

    TB is a UL link

  3. Supermodified Racer March 23, 2016

    See, kids, even Jesus likes rock, so get out of all that evil super dull experimental/drone/noise/music concrete/modern classical type of shit!


    • FatherDonovan March 23, 2016

      You left out the genre of “Sludge Rock”, one of the more demonic approaches to the sinful elements of the genres that you have already mentioned. You will receive my blessings son.

  4. WUT March 23, 2016

    This is honestly really awful.

    • Supermodified Racer March 24, 2016

      Good, just another nodata user that glorifies all that modern empty and boring electronic music and says bad shit about everything else that dont pretend to make dull music sounds cool.


      • WUT March 24, 2016

        I’m listening to T-Rex right now, I can taste the difference.

  5. Soloman March 23, 2016

    What did you expect? It’s ‘Indie Rock’, and worse yet, it is Christian Indie Rock.

    • Supermodified Racer March 24, 2016

      So what the heck you expect and listen, dumb ass? All that drone-electronic type of shit?!

      God have mercy on your soul!

      • Paranoid March 24, 2016

        Did someone say drone? There is a drone that has been flying around my building taking surveillance photos of me and someone better investigate immediately because I am starting to get a bit paranoid. Do it now! Investigate, now!

  6. Paranoid March 24, 2016

    Someone better take some soil samples from that plant, it could be cannabis and just the mere image could infect and poison the minds of the feeble and unsuspecting. Do it now, right now! Hurry up, I said now!

  7. derekdetonate March 25, 2016

    language language.

  8. 5meo March 25, 2016

    Very few are able to innovate on a guitar these days, the best is behind us. This is no exception.

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