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Brother Mynor / Celebrities Doing Thaangs [2016]

[Label: Inner Ocean Records | Cat#: INNER039]
  1. tom cruise eats a continental breakfast (1:47)
  2. leo dicaprio rides off into the sunset (2:56)
  3. winona ryder finishes community service (1:42)
  4. nic cage takes control of the situation (3:30)
  5. ellen page ties herself to a redwood (w/ bilo 503) (2:28)
  6. jennifer aniston finishes a long bath (w/ uhhnon) (2:01)
  7. ll cool j don’t need no title (w/ mndbd) (1:56)
  8. shia lebeouf enjoys a morning bowl of wheaties (w/ borealism) (2:02)
  9. eddie murphy drives to burger king (2:30)
  10. keanu reeves just does his thaang (w/ mt marcy) (2:20)
  11. liv tyler will still watch all the credits (1:54)
  12. morgan freeman is most likely omnipotent (2:54)
  13. natalie portman goes on safari (w/ slr) (1:20)
  14. david duchovny hides in the broom closet (1:54)
  15. justin long tries to access his voicemail (w/ dweeb) (1:56)
  16. elijah wood doesn’t put vinyl back in the sleeve (w/ mactopus) (2:12)
  17. drew barrymore watches saturday morning cartoons (w/ ojmacoj) (2:13)
  18. julia roberts damages the floorboards (1:42)


  1. Shirt March 15, 2016

    This guy must sit and watch TMZ all day long.

  2. buzzati March 15, 2016

    benicio del toro makes a waitress uncomfortable

    jeff goldblum pretends to ride a dog like a horse and gets yelled at

    scarlett johansson forgets to wash her hands

  3. Leon Leon March 19, 2016

    Bonus E.P.

    Michael Jackson is found hiding in LaToya’s wardrobe.
    O.J. Simpson joins the cast of The Simpson’s
    George Michael is caught munching cock in a public toilet

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